stretch hood stretch hoes housse étirable


Bocedi Stretch hood



  • High capacity - more than 300 p/h
  • Increased load stability
  • Complete products protection
  • Excellent brand presentation
  • Weight and cost reduction
  • Environmenatl benefit
  • High flexibility


Bocedi is a manufacturing company specialized in automatic machines for packaging of any kind of materials on pallets or Pallet-less. Located in the heart of Emilia Scandiano, between Reggio Emilia and Modena, Bocedi is a constantly evolving company that has skillfully expanded in line with the changes of the market, developing new technologies which respect increasingly the environment where we live.

Our business philosophy:

  • Every satisfied customer contributes to our growth
  • The quality of the packaging and the pursuit for this result is customer satisfaction.
  • Fundamental attention to the environmental impact and waste reduction.
  • The professional growth of our team, as a true business asset.

Bocedi was established in 1966 by Vittorio and Franco Bocedi brothers.
In the 90s, with the arrival in the company of new generation Bocedi, starts the development and the construction of the new machines for Stretch Hood film.