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An efficient solution with a Willems stretch hood packaging machine

As a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art packaging solutions, Willems Baling Equipment offers a high quality and efficient solution for pallet packaging. We offer the highest protection for pallet unit loads, with the use of both horizontal and vertical stretch techniques. To ensure minimum use of stretch film and the best stability, our stretch hood packaging machines use vertical stretch forces to increase the load stability significantly. We provide a stretch hood machine with an innovative and unique packaging method, that operates with a full range of pallet packaging options.

Quality stretch hood pallet packaging

A Willems stretch hood offers full protection against dirt, dust and moisture. Our quality stretch film also protects your products against scratches and surface damage. Furthermore, our machines deliver watertight stretch hood packaging, in order to protect the value of your products. Our unique pallet packaging machine produces secured pallet loads that are perfectly suitable for outside storage and transport. We guarantee the highest protection with our enhanced stretch hood packaging system.

Stretch hooding advantages:

- Maximum pallet stability with an up to date stretch hood system.

- Optimal weather protection with watertight pallet packaging. Suitable for outside storage.

- Easy access to all moving parts at floor level or on balcony for easy maintenance and inspection.

- Solid construction and low overall height.

- Horizontal and vertical stretching of film results in an excellent load stability and reduced foil / stretch film costs.

- The hood can be pulled down to the bottom edge of a pallet, to secure the load/stack to the pallet

- The packaging machine is suited for different foil / stretch film rolls. The machine-settings will change automatically to the desired roll.

Willems stretch hood packaging system specifications:

- Capacity: up to 100 pallets per hour

- Total pallet height: up to 3500 mm

- Pallet sizes: max. 1600 x 1200 mm




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