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The market of pallet packaging can be subdivided in three groups : stretch wrapping film, shrink hood and stretch hood.


Stretch wrapping film

At this moment the stretch wrapping foil is dominating the pallet packaging market. Stretch wrapping foil has to be turned under tension around the pallet. By stretching the film up to her maximal tension, a firm pression is applied on the pallet load and the load is protected from dust and in a lesser extent from humidity.  This type of pallet packaging can be done manually either machinally.  Stretch wrapping film is generally available on 500 MM width and the thickness ranges from 9 up to 30 micron.


Shrink hood

Another way of pallet packaging is using a shrink hood. An LDPE shrink hood with a size a bit larger than the pallet is placed over the pallet. When done the foil needs to be heated in order to shrink.  By that shrinking process,  the hood keeps the goods strongly together onto the pallet. This type of packing can be done manually either on fully automated lines.  In the case of manual hooding you need a distinct shrink hood size per pallet size.  In case of machinal hooding the height of the pallet may vary because the length of the hood is determined by the machine in function of the mesured height.  For instance, for each pallet base a distinct shrink hood tube size is needed.


Stretch hood tube

Stretch hooding is the youngest way of pallet packaging, meanwhile this packaging way has gained a big part of the market in a very short time due to the many advantages in comparison to the other packaging types.

Stretch hood tube can only be applied machinally on a pallet and it is put over a pallet just like a nylon sock is place over women's legs.  There is no need of heat because the stretch hood film has a memory and so it's coming back to it's prior size after it has been stretched.  Stretch hood packaging is a revolutionary packing way having the pallet packed hermetically, strongly, cheaply and fastly.


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